Ludica Health Launches LudoFit PRO, an Interactive Therapy Exercise Solution for Outpatient Clinics and Home Health

Video Game Therapy App Engages Patients in Enjoyable, Affordable, and Convenient Exercise For Better Balance, Strength, Stamina and Brain Health

Seattle, Washington – March 14, 2024 – Ludica Health, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for physical rehabilitation is set to showcase LudoFit PRO, a new product for clinicians serving older adults, at the upcoming American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA Inspire) Expo in Orlando, Florida.

With a commitment to providing accessible and affordable solutions for patients undergoing therapy, Ludica Health drives innovation in the field of rehabilitation, chronic disease management, and fall prevention. Its latest solution, LudoFit PRO, is designed for clinicians working with patients in clinic and home settings. 


“Across the board, therapists struggle to engage patients and keep them motivated to perform their rehabilitation exercises between sessions,” says Carol Chiang, Occupational Therapist and owner of Evolving Homes. “For therapists, having a tool in their toolbox that they can use in the limited time they have with their patients, while also providing them with an affordable program to continue exercise post-discharge truly supports quality of care and achieving the best possible outcomes.”

LudoFit PRO can be downloaded onto Windows computers, Mac computers, or iPads, and no special equipment is needed. The app uses the device’s web camera to capture the patient’s movements and relay them to the avatar on the screen. For example, while the patient is doing squats and weight shifts, their character is skiing the Italian alps.

The exercises are derived from evidence-based fall prevention protocols. The professional interface empowers clinicians to customize the program for each patient’s needs. Patients can engage in the games during therapy sessions or on their own. 

Carol Anderson, a 76-year-old retiree who struggles with osteoarthritis, shared how LudoFit motivated her: “I have periodic physical therapy interventions and I find those exercises are a chore rather than something I enjoy. I have to make myself do my PT exercises but I have no problems with wanting to go back to LudoFit. It’s fun!” 

Explore Ludica Health’s game-changing solutions for clinicians and patients at the AOTA Inspire Expo. For an exclusive introductory offer for clinicians, contact Ludica Health at 1-888-623-6462. Additional details can be found on the website at

About Ludica Health:

Founded in 2012, Ludica Health is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for physical rehabilitation and healthy aging. With a decade of experience in developing interactive programs, Ludica Health is dedicated to promoting active and vibrant lifestyles for individuals of all ages. Its flagship program, Jintronix, is FDA-cleared, supported by over 8 peer-reviewed clinical studies, and serves over 300 rehab facilities worldwide. For more information about Ludica Health and its innovative health and wellness solutions, please visit, follow on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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