Jintronix Inc. Rebrands as Ludica Health to Reflect a Broader Vision for Engaging, Person-Centered Health Programs

Seattle, Washington – October 10, 2023: Jintronix Inc., a leading provider of interactive physical rehabilitation and healthy aging programs, today announced its rebrand to Ludica Health


The decision to rebrand as Ludica Health was inspired by the company’s expansive new offerings and its continued focus on helping individuals lead healthier and more fulfilling lives through engaging technology. The new name “Ludica” derives from the Latin word ludus, meaning game or play, which reflects the interactive and playful nature of the company’s software.


“The transition to Ludica Health signifies an exciting new chapter for our company,” said Mark Evin, CEO of Ludica Health. “As we evolve and grow, our goal is to create innovative solutions that combine the joy of gaming with the power of evidence-based health. We firmly believe that fun and engaging experiences are instrumental in promoting well-being, and the new name captures this philosophy perfectly.”


For over a decade, Ludica Health, formerly known as Jintronix Inc., has been at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies that enhance individuals’ functional abilities and promote healthy aging. Their flagship product, Jintronix, which is FDA-cleared and supported by the findings of over 8 peer-reviewed clinical studies, has earned accolades for its effectiveness in improving patient outcomes in over 300 rehabilitation facilities worldwide.


The transition to Ludica Health reaffirms the company’s dedication to providing accessible solutions that empower users to stay active, engaged, and motivated in their health journey. The company plans to further expand its technology offerings to accommodate a diverse range of healthcare and home settings. 


For more information about Ludica Health, visit: LudicaHealth.com 


About Ludica Health

Founded in 2012, Ludica Health is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for physical rehabilitation and healthy aging. With a decade of experience in developing interactive programs, including the widely acclaimed Jintronix (which serves over 300 rehab facilities worldwide), Ludica Health is dedicated to promoting active and vibrant lifestyles for individuals of all ages. For more information about Ludica Health and its innovative health and wellness solutions, please visit www.ludicahealth.com, follow on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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